Small Business Marketing Plan

“More Than 90% of Online Businesses Fail in The First 6 Months!”

The reason for this unsettling statistic is because although webmasters manage to put up an great looking website, they pay little to no attention on how to effectively market it online.

Some questions asked by new webmasters are:

“I have set up my website and it looks great, but why do I not see any sales? Isn’t the design good enough?”

“My friend told me I would make a considerable amount of money once I start a website to sell my product. My website looks amazing, but I still did not make any sales. What am I doing wrong?”

The answer is: Designing and making a website operational is only 10% of the battle! What makes or breaks you is how you promote it!

This service is for you IF:

-Your website receives minimal traffic

-You have tried everything and have made no sales

-You just do not want to learn how web marketing works but still want to make use of it.

-You need a stong business plan on what you need to do in order to dominate your niche.

Our service is designed to provide you ideas on how to make the most out of your online business. In our 5-7 page report, we will check your website and your niche and provide you information on proven ways to get more traffic and make more sales. Some points we focus on are:

-How to get more traffic through search engines

-Is your website suitable for PPC campaigns?

-What type of links should you go for to get the maximum sales!

-How to rank high for your specific keywords

-How and when to send out a press release

-How to make sure your website looks authoritative to your customers

And much much more!

The price for this service ranges from $400-600 and the turn-around time is usually 7-10 days.

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