Mass Webpage Generation Service

Mass Webpage Generation Service

The SEO game is changing. With the recent Penguin and Panda updates, it is getting more and more difficult to successfully capture the top rankings for commercial keywords.

This is because Google is now starting to favor large brands which are now taking up nearly all the top spots.

Most SEO companies these days do not provide performance based guarantees simply because the outcome of each as SEO campaign is now dependent upon thousands of variables.

Needless to say, if you do SEO the traditional way, you are definitely losing out…

Let me help you…

Dominate Google Results for Thousands of Your Chosen Keyword Terms by Creating Unique, Relevant and Indexable Pages Which Will Redirect Traffic to Your Money Site – GUARANTEED…

Yes, you heard that right. Our new method allows us to create thousands of unique and relevant pages which relate to your market, get indexed in Google and drive tons of traffic to your Money site.

We do this by using up to 800 variables for each webpage that we create. Each out of those 800 variables can have up to 2000 possibilities.

Here is the crazy part:

Instead of trying to get the top rankings for a handful of keywords, we ENSURE that you rank for thousands of keywords across the board!

If you do the math, you understand that the pages that are generated using this approach are up to 75% unique!

But before we get into the just of the method, let me clarify something:

  • All the pages read very decently and a normal human visitor will never be able to tell that these are mass generated.
  • Google simply loves these pages. Why? Because we have witnessed Google indexing thousands of these pages per run in as little as 5 to 10 days. In fact, once you create the runs, we upload all the pages directly to Google webmaster tools so they can be indexed!
  • This method is totally white hat and will NEVER get your website into trouble. This is simply because each page looks and reads totally different and follows Google’s guidelines.
  • Over time, we can create around 1 million pages for you which will rank for your chosen keyword terms, if you sign up for the monthly subscriptions with us.
  • Since we create a lot of pages for you, we will need a decent number of keywords. You’re welcome to supply around 80 to 250 keywords to us.
  • Our testing has shown that around 90% of the webpages that we create for you will get indexed in 2 months.
  • All the pages that we create connect your website using a No Follow tag followed by a redirect. This ensures that the webpages do not affect the SEO of the target domain.
  • Also, we manage all the hosting and the domains for you and upload the pages to them for free. This ensures that you do not have to pay for the services which can over time cost you thousands of dollars.

IMPORTANT – 5 reviews offered: Since we are offering this is a new service, we are giving away 5 review copies for 50% off. If you are interested, please message us in the thread and we will work on your order for 50% discount.


We have currently sold over 28 orders of these webpages to our clients have businesses in various niches. 2 of our clients have even requested us to create 100,000 pages for them. They are now receiving many leads per day.

Here are some examples of the runs that we have created for our clients. These samples might also include runs which are designed to provide leads and sales to our own websites as well:

You can use the site: command in Google when checking these websites to see how many pages Google has indexed for each website.

For example, you can use to see that there are around 15,000 pages indexed in Google from that website.

Please note that some of the runs might be fairly new so they might only have a handful of pages indexed but over time that counsel increase to the thousands easily!

Nearly all these pages that are indexed are ranking for thousands of keyword combinations across the market. In fact, from our runs, we have started getting many leads per day which are now converting into sales!

Live, real-time application of this method:

This method works, PERIOD.

Here are a couple of goals that the past few runs have allowed us to achieve:

  • This method has allowed our Seo company to get up to 5 more leads per day. These leads are converting at around 10%
  • This method has allowed a new York moving company to get at least 3 leads per day (even on the weekends). These leads are roughly converting at 6%.
  • This method has allowed our company to show up for countless local and worldwide Seo related searches, which has directly impacted brand exposure. We are now receiving at least 30% more calls everyday.
  • This method has allowed another client, a Toronto homeopathic doctor, to get to more leads on average per day.

Over the next few months, our current clients will see even more and more pages getting indexed which will dramatically improve their traffic and sales levels.

As you can see, one of these pages get indexed they will directly help you get more targeted leads, traffic and positive brand exposure.

How to order:

Ordering these runs is extremely simple. You have 2 options. You can either go for the one-time payments or for the subscription plan.

However, please note that the subscription plans allow us to provide you with much better pricing since you are signed up for a longer period of time.

Here is how you can order:

  • Choose what package you are interested in.
  • Send us the keywords and URL through Private Message here on the forum with the title: Referral Page Order.
  • Once you send is the PM, please also mention in the thread that you have placed an order with us.
  • Wait for us to create thousands of pages for you while you sit and enjoy your work!

If you understand how this method works, you will be getting tons of ideas as to how to use it to increase your business.

The kicker:

The best part of this method is that you don’t ever have to pay us more than once for the same pages. Once you create the pages for you, they are yours. We will NEVER charge you for those again.

Pricing options:

Our one-time pricing options are as follows:

– USD 250 – 5000 unique, relevant and indexable pages.

– USD 500 – 10,000 unique, relevant and indexable pages.

– USD 1000 – 25,000 unique, relevant and indexable pages.

– USD 2000 – 60,000 unique, relevant and indexable pages.

You can send us the payment via PayPal to says that is our official PayPal address.

Our monthly subscription options are as follows. Please note that subscription packages provide you with much cheaper pricing:

– USD 250 – 6000 unique, relevant and indexable pages.

– USD 500 – 13,000 unique, relevant and indexable pages.

– USD 1000 – 30,000 unique, relevant and indexable pages.

– USD 2000 – 75,000 unique, relevant and indexable pages.

Once again, you pay for these pages only ONCE.

If you have any questions, please do let me know by replying to this thread!

To your success,

Yasir Khan

Owner/CEO of Quantum SEO Labs


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