Expert Website Critique & Recommendations

Ever heard anyone saying this: “I have an amazing website! Everything is in order but the sales just do not come! What am I doing wrong?”

Most webmasters have very attractive websites, but there are some important on-site features which are never attended to. Ironically, it is those aspects which make the difference between making a lot of money or making no money at all.

Optimizing your website can have a HUGE impact on your business. For an affordable price, our experienced team will carry out a details diagnosis of your website and provide you with the following information:

-Title/keyword/description tags: Believe it or not, 80% of new websites use tags in the wrong way!

-Website “look” and feel: If the look and feel of the website is not inviting, you are simply losing customers & profit. We tell you EXACTLY how to improve your website’s look.

-Color schemes: Research suggests that only certain colors increase visitors “interest” in the website. We will help you find the right blend!

-Content of your website: Are you using old content? Do you update your website often? Search engines love content. We will advice you how to add content so you gain exposure quickly.

-Blog settings: Has your WordPress blog been optimized? An optimized blog will gain more traffic, better search engine rankings and more authority over time.

-Inbound link critique: We will check the type of links your website has and advice you if you need a change in strategy. This tool alone can provide you huge returns down the road!

-Other factors: We also look for many other factors to comment on. Some of them include your keyword density, keyword research, promotional tools, website marketing techniques, niche domination etc. These factors depends solely on your website and therefore are placed in the “Others” section.

Our report typically ranges between 5-8 pages and the turn-around time for this service is normally 7-10 days.

This service is currently open to only small and medium internet businesses. Our prices range from $250- $600.

Please fill in the form to your right in detail and we will provide you with a custom quote. The quote depends on the size and age of your website, the niche you are operating in and the amount of work which needs to be completed on your website.


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