What I value most in the service of Yasir, and his team, is the flexibility, and personal service they provide. I have used several SEO service companies, and I have been disappointed in the service they have provided. So, what do I mean with personal service? Well, Yasir often replies personally to emails, and over night, or at least within a few days. He is also available over the phone, should that be needed. I can tell you this is not the case with a whole bunch of other SEO companies, who more or less seem to be more interested in hiding their contact information. The flexibility aspect is best seen in the fact that Quantum Seo Labs does not require you to commit on a running monthly plan. In stead, you are free work on your project in your own pace, and always to continue where you left of. For me, this is exactly what I want. With only 30 links, I have had key words jump from page 10 to page 2 on Google. In my case, most often 60 links has moved competitive key words from page 2 to page 1.


Robert Baker

After spending 10`S of thousands of dollars on different SEO services everything from article spining and submission to manual link building and countless other SEO scams. All we got was and little better rankings by the major search engines. Then I started to use Yasir with Quantum SEO labs and in just one week our ranking have just went thru the roof. We improved in many keywords but our main keyword went to 4th on goggle. Wow and this is only after one week. The service level with Yasir is great he calls you back and does what he say he will do. Finally I have hope that the SEO on our site will work. I am now shooting for # 1 with all our main keywords because with Quantum I know it can be done.


Mark Flaherty

As a fairly advanced SEO marketer, I am very happy with both the results that we are getting with Quantum SEO Labs as well as how easy they are to work with. We are seeing increased rankings in some highly competitive keywords that we didn't think we could get before. One has 600K monthly searches, where we went from the 7th page to 4th page quickly, and then after 5 months of sustained effort, we made it page 1.


A Murphy

We have used Quantum SEO Labs to optimize our web business to rank very high in Google, It was a tough task because our demand was to get ranked on page 1 for very competitive key phrase, which is searched over 500,000 times. During the initial consultation with Quantum SEO Labs, they estimated the time to accomplish the goal would be 6 months. It has been 3 months so far and we are already ranked on page 2 which has doubled our monthly sales.We are very happy with Quantum SEO Labs and would recommend their service to anyone!


Adam Vahaba

I still have the pleasure of working with quantum seo labs , yasir aka the doctor and his team are currently working on 4 sites and the results are amazing!!!.in just 4 months i see results better than 4 years worth other seo company i used.



"Awesome work. He did a lot more than was expected within the scope of this project. Looking forward to the next project!"


Adazl Beauty Salon

Quantum SEO Labs did an excellent job on my link building campaign. The "white hat" methods they used provided a big jump in rankings in just a little over 1 week. I went from outside the first 250 results to page 1 on some of the keywords that were recommended. Would definitely use again and again.



Professional, courteous, and EFFECTIVE SEO. If you've ever tried working on SEO then you know that this is the absolute highest praise I can give. Work with this company, they know what they are doing.


Joe Mitchell

He did a excellent job and I am very satisfied with the level of customer service.



Fast, knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended!


Joe Michtell Attorny

Great quality of work. Very responsive and fast. They educated me in addition to doing the work. I highly recommend them.


Diamond Rings

Very good coder. Easy to work with and very helpfull with advice on various link building topics. Well done.



The focus on quality plus personalized service truly sets this company apart. They are innovative, knowledgeable and affordable. We noticed a significant rise in our rankings within 3-4 weeks. We are excited to see such growth!



Look no further! Great customer service, trustworthy and gets results. Substantially increased our overall rankings and helped us drive additional targeted traffic to our website.


Gary A

I really like the personalized service that Yasir offers as part of his link building efforts. The best part is the close contact we can maintain to keep on top of everything. We are already planning to outsource new website designing and SEO projects to Quantum SEO in the near future.


Transportation industry

Quantum SEO Labs has given me one my business’ most important aspects, a way to drive business. They have really been a foundation to my business’ success. I have never come across another company this knowledgeable, because there isn’t one. I was new to SEO and on the first page of Google when we first started. Just amazing results. I am now in Google’s Top 3 results (where 68% of the business goes) for four of the industry’s better searchphrases. I couldn’t have done this without Quantum SEO Labs owner Yasir’s help, literally this business would not be off the ground without it. And now I am approaching becoming the internet’s #1 site in compact transportation.


RPT Software

I tried various routes of SEO with limited success, luckily I stumbled across this firm. With a very small investment I got almost all of the 100+ keywords I was targeting to be on the first page of Google within a few days. I was also able to talk with Yasir who explained some of the technical details of how they actually do the process. I recommend this firm to anyone looking for high quality SEO at low prices.



I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your excellent service and support to our company. Your professional services and link building strategy had a major impact over the organic search improvement for our website. I can honestly say that your service and links building strategy is one of the best in the market. The money paid for purchasing your services was definitevely well spent.


Major Swiss Webagency

As a Web Agency in Switzerland, we handle major European SEO accounts in several languages. Quantum SEO Labs services are timely, reactive and very efficient. With a few dozen links per keyword, we have managed to get Top 10 placements in French and German for keywords for which any other onsite or offsite effort did not get us in the Top 100!


Nashville Garage Door Service

Thank you for your link building services! They have worked great for me so far, and I plan on purchasing more packages! I moved up from the 5th position on Google, to the 2nd in a week! It doesn't get much better than that! Thanks again, Aaron



I have used QuantumSEOLabs network now for over 4 months. Results were a bit slow at first, however, the positions of my keywords are holding strong and are ranking #1 for our targeted keyword in a tough wheels market. I recommend Yasir High PR Network to anyone that is serious about ranking well and STAYING ranked! Joshua



For the record, I have been ripped-off in the past by other vendors when I conducted business while being online. In contrast, I ultimately found that your method of customer service featured a quick response,no attempt to evade issues and your personal involvement until all concerns were addressed. Succinctly put, in this age of anything goes on the Internet it is refreshing to see a businessman that is honest, responsive, and fair-minded. While our initial dealings revealed that a much larger link-building package was needed in order to get top rankings for my site, I would not hesitate to do business with Quantum SEO Labs in the future.


Kit Traders Ltd

I have been using Quantum SEO Labs for 3 months now and have placed 4 orders. Every order has been fulfilled promptly and professionally. I have use 4 different anchor texts and all the phrases have improved dramatically in Google. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to any one wanting to improve their search engine results. Tom Stephenson, director Kit Traders Ltd. UK



We found Quantum SEO Labs (QSL) online several years ago. Since we had a large SEO company handling our SEO Services, we were skeptical about using outside company for link services. We decided to give Yasir and QSL a try since we had keywords we wanted to test for conversions and we had a few top ranking keywords that slipped a little, and we just needed a little boost. As with any SEO service provider online (there's a lot!), we are always careful and extra cautious since they are expensive and you don't know what you are getting, and there's no guarantee on results. Yasir and QSL delivers fast and long lasting results which surpass a lot of larger SEO firms. QSL is affordable, fast, and VERY effective. Give them a try and you will not regret it!


Thalib Khusam

I dont know how to say, but Quantum SEO Labs has been able to manage my expectations successfully. At first, i bought the 100 links package for my website. I did not get good results for that link building run. But then I ordered another package since ongoing SEO is necessary and guest what? My site now ranks 4th-5th on google now. It's amazing, in only a few days I was able to get my site ranked. For your record my site is fairly new. Compare with any other SEO specialist that can cost you thousands of dollar per month, i definitely suggest Quantum SEO Labs. Better pricing, Better customer service, also better SEO techniques. Thanks Yasir, i would love to do another project with you :)



As a small business owner in a diminishing and highly competitive market, live wedding entertainment, it is essential that I make page one for my keywords. Quantum SEO Labs made this possible via there link building service which provided me permanent, high PR, do-follow, deep one way links with specific anchor text. The quality of these links got me to page one, position 2 for one of my keywords. I highly recommend there link building services.


Amanda Stewart

We have been working with Quantum for a little over four months and the results have been impressive. Our websites ranking on Google has improved in spite of the penguin update which has been rumored to cause a lot of penalties. The one thing that stood out most about Quantum compared to other SEO companies was the level of customization and the personalized customer support it offers. The best thing for me was that I could get Yasir on the phone any time I wanted. He was very professional and friendly, explaining the SEO and marketing process as well as my websites progress.


Usman Iftikhar Malik

Yasir is by far the most competent SEO experts I have worked with. His expertise on the subject matter is nothing short of exceptional and the blend of customer service skills he brings to the table is highly commendable. The breakdown that Quantum SEO Labs performs for your business is straight-forward and easily understandable by non-techies. Most importantly, they are one of very few in the field who do not rip off clients with recurring monthly fees. I was promised a one-time fee for very specific results which is exactly what I received and I highly appreciate Yasir honesty and integrity in this matter. I always welcome the opportunity to work with him and highly recommend him to anyone who wants SEO work done right the first time


Umair R

Yasir is an extremely talented individual when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. His in-depth knowledge about the workings of internet marketing and link building approach gives him a competitive edge over others. His wealth of SEO experience resonates from his business practices having clients in over 10 countries. His need for total customer satisfaction surpasses ingenuity and brings about a complete piece of mind in project integrity. I highly recommend QSL for SEO needs and look forward to hiring him again.



I worked with Yasir for two years and instead of being just a part time job, it proved to be a great learning experience which allowed me to gain a great wealth of knowledge of the SEO field. It takes a good student to make a good teacher, and Yasir's willingness to constantly learn more about link building is what truly makes him an expert in his field. The time and effort he puts into being a student first and foremost shows in his ability to address current customer concerns such as new Google updates. Although the learning curve was a bit too steep for me at times, it further highlighted my appreciation for his level of dedication to his work.



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