Blog Installation Service

It would surprise you to know that if you install a blog on-site and make consistent posts on it, over time, you will increase your website traffic by a huge amount.

Here is something to further put things into perspective:

“Google loves WordPress blogs and will reward you with increased traffic if you blog the right way”.

That being said, let us help you…

“Dramatically Increase Free Search Engine Traffic By Installing a WordPress Blog on-site Along With All The Necessary Plugins!”

Blog installation service

Here is a fact: WordPress is here to stay.

WordPress is a content management system which allows you to easy write about your favorite topics.

With the advent of blogging, many hobbyists have started earning income from their website by just discussing what interests them.

WordPress is a good supplement for your website if you are interested in getting free traffic.

But there is a catch…

Although WordPress is free to install, you do need expertise to install it correctly in order to facilitate free traffic to your website.

Install WordPress the wrong way and you will wonder why there never was a traffic spike even after 2-3 months of consistent blogging.

But we have a solution…

Our blog installation service allows you to get a custom quote on the design and implementation of a blog on your site. We will ensure that you are satisfied with the how the blog is installed on your site.

Here is what we provide with the service:

– Installation of the latest version of WordPress which is a content management system (CMS).

– Installing the required plugins which will further increase traffic on your website and make your blog SEO-friendly

– If required, design a high quality and appealing theme which will further force visitors to gravitate towards your website.

Blog installation service – Who It Is For

The WordPress installation service is for:

– Corporate websites: Most corporate websites generate a lot of traffic by paying for it through PPC and content network ads. These websites would generate a lot more traffic and income if they had a WordPress blog on-site.

– Webmasters: If you are a webmaster and are wondering why your website is not generating enough traffic, chances are that you will benefit greatly if you get WordPress installed on your website.

– Hobbyists: WordPress is ideal for people who love educating others about their hobbies. Hobbyists can also monetize their WordPress blogs by showcasing related offers and using related ads.

– Educational institutes: Educational websites normally have chatrooms and forums but seldom own a blog. Having a blog on-site in these situations is expected to dramatically increase their visitor count as well as the time visitors stay on-site.

WordPress installation service – Why Are We Different

Here are a couple of reasons why you should go with us:

– Customization: The whole idea behind our service is customization. If you want your blog to look and operate a certain way, you can be sure we have you covered.

 – Plugins: WordPress works much better in terms of driving traffic if you install certain plugins in your blog. Plugin settings are also crucial here. We ensure we tweak the plugins installed so you all your blog posts are SEO-ed.

– Extra tips & tricks: If, after we have installed your blog, you have any questions or need any tweaking, we would be more than happy to help you out.

Blog installation service – How To Order:

To order, please fill the form on your right accurately. Once we have the information from your side, our team will contact you right away.


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