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Have you tried nearly everything in your “Affordable SEO” endeavors and not attained the rankings you desired?

Apparently, a lot of people face the same situation and spend thousands of dollars on meaningless SEO, which causes them to exhaust their budget and retire from online marketing altogether…

Many times, what happens is that webmasters are so focused on advanced SEO tactics that they have no clue about basic SEO tactics. If this sounds like you, keep reading as this will light up many bulbs in your brain.

Let me help you…

Dominate Search Engine Rankings By Carrying Out Effective Affordable SEO,All Catered To Meet Your Requirements – Guaranteed!

Answer this question honestly: Do you think you have all the basic SEO fundamentals set straight on your website?

If this question makes you wonder, there is a good chance that you have not given thought to the simplest SEO tactics which provide a huge return.

Here are the rough statistics which I have come up with in my SEO experience:

1.       60% of my clients have thrown up a website without any idea of what a title, description or keyword tags are…

2.       A good portion of my clients look for ranking solutions outside their own website, which is a huge mistake.

3.       50% of my clients had less than 200 words on their main page, which is a primary reason why rankings go down.

4.       60% of my clients have over 50 words in their title tag alone! Moreover, these clients stuff numerous keywords in their website tags (i.e. keyword spamming), which results in lower or no rankings.

Sounds familiar?

This is precisely the reason why we have created our Affordable SEO Service.

I will go so far as to say that if the above 4 points concern you, there is a lot more to fix on your website than you know.

If you are an advanced internet marketer, you would know that there are 2 branches of SEO: The On-page SEO and the off-page SEO. Most SEO companies deal with the off-page SEO, which involves link building.

Why do they deal with off-page SEO mostly? It is because off-page SEO has by far the most lucrative area in question. And as you might imagine, most (or all) SEO companies strive to make the most money.

This results in most SEO companies not even checking your website for adequate SEO factors before they start link building.

The on-page aspect of SEO is something 90% of the website owners either do not know, or do not comprehend the importance of.

Always remember, the on-page SEO is necessary and crucial to your SEO and link building efforts.

Let me put it to you this way:

You can almost always (with certain reservations) rank any webpage for any keyword term if you have enough quality and quantity of links pointing to it. That being said, if you do the on-page SEO for that properly, you will need far less number of links to reach the and sustain the same ranking.

What I mean by that is: If you are trying to rank your website using only link building with no on-site SEO, you are:

1.       Putting in more effort and investment into link building than is needed to compensate for the lack of on-site SEO.

2.       Not doing SEO properly as you are paying no attention to fundamentals.

3.       Not providing your visitors with a good user experience and increase the chances of your website getting shot down.

However, there is a simple solution. With us, you can expect top quality on-site SEO for any type of website.

Our Affordable SEO Services is designed to fix all these problems on your website without you even knowing how on-site SEO works!

By Affordable SEO, we do not mean that the service we provide is of low quality, just because we are charging a lower amount. On the contrary, I would be surprised if there are other SEO companies out there which can provide the same level of service, interactivity and customer satisfaction at a lower price than we do.

Affordable SEO – Our Unique Selling Proposition:

As with all our services, we want to give you a couple of reasons why you should feel comfortable letting us help you out with your on-page SEO:

1.   No-obligation free consultation: If you have a new website and are not sure how to do the on-site SEO, simple send us a quote request and our team will call you. We will then review your website briefly and tell you what is required.

2.   Close contact: Once you provide us with the project and expectations, my team will personally contact you in order to understand what you want and follow your guidelines.

3.   Long-term experience: We have done SEO for websites with over 40,000 pages. Those websites now pull in a decent amount of traffic. This suggests that no matter what kind of website you have, we know how to do the SEO properly!

4.   Total satisfaction: If you are not happy with the final product, please let us know and we will edit our work to ensure that you are satisfied, provided that the additional requirements are not too different from the initial quote/agreement.

What Should You Expect From Us:

Even though there are more than 100 on-site SEO factors , only a few of them provide a real pull among the search engines. Generally speaking, our service is designed to ensure to check the following factors:

1.       Title tags

2.       Keyword tags

3.       Description tags

4.       H1-H5 tags

5.       Keyword density

6.       Body text

7.       Domain name/URL

8.       Number and position of outbound links

9.       Image ALT Tags

10.     Robots.txt file

11.    And many, many other on-site SEO factors we do not mention here or they get copied and they lose their effectiveness.

Affordable SEO services & partners – Who We Work With:

Our affordable SEO service is designed for nearly anyone who has an active website. To be more specific, if you fall in these categories, we can help you out better:

– New webmaster: If you are new to managing a website online, our team will tell you what is required to be changed on your website in order to get a considerable boost in search engine rankings. This alone will reduce the amount spent on link building each month!

– Internet marketing consultant: If you have been hired as an internet marketing or SEO consultant for your company and understand the fundamentals of on-site SEO but do not have the time/experience to do it yourself, we can do it for you.

– Small business owner: If you already own a website which is just slugging along, I am sure you have not used many on-site SEO techniques designed to increase your website’s rankings without spending a dime on link building. Let us know if that is the case and we will work with you to enhance your website.

– Corporations: If you manage a large business, we can talk about a setup where I take responsibility of your on-site SEO for an affordable rate so you can focus on your core competencies.

– SEO companies: Sounds silly right? Why would an SEO company want to work with another SEO company? The reason is simple: If you own/manage an SEO company and are dealing with more clients than you can handle, you can make us responsible for your work.

How To Order:

All you need to do to order our Affordable SEO Service is to submit a quote request using the form on your right.

Please ensure that all information provided is accurate so we can help you increase your ROI as much as possible.

Once we receive the quote request, our team will first email you and then call you.

We can start with our Affordable SEO service once you are happy with the requirements and expectations.


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