Statistics: The online marketing game is changing as we speak. The recent Google Panda 4.0 update saw 100s of websites crash and burn. The penalties have resulted in countless small businesses losing their income. It has also resulted in tons of paranoia.

However, even in these times, the fundamentals of online marketing remain EXACTLY the same (that is, if you know what you are doing). I will give you hard PROOF that it is still very much possible to have a thriving online business – in fact, I have done that hundreds of times for my clients.

I want to help you…

Dramatically Expand Your Online Reach By Using A
Method Which 99% of Marketing Companies Do NOT Even Know About – GUARANTEED!

..But that is not all. I also have another GUARANTEE in place:

My marketing method will help you outrank authority websites which have over 50,000 links with just 8-12 backlinks, dramatically expanding your online reach, irrespective of your niche!

Yes, you read the last sentence right.

If you want to improve your business’s net income by up to 5-10 times, read this page very carefully. Spending 15-20 minutes reading this page might make the difference between losing a lot of money online trying shady/hyped up marketing tactics or having a successful money-making business which stands the test of time.yasir khan


My name is Yasir Khan and I am the owner of Quantum SEO, a Canadian-based online marketing company which has generated over $1.80 million in the last 4 years.

I understand that marketing is an ever-changing industry but I have spent countless hours testing out nearly every marketing tactic under the sun.

So what exactly is it that makes ME different?

Well, to keep things simple:

– I have serviced over 1000 clients from over 15 countries in the last 4 years and I am known fairly well in the marketing industry.

– Most of my clients’ websites rankings have remained stable even after the disastrous Google updates in 2013 and 2014.

– My unique marketing method is THE most effective method available – GUARANTEED.

– You can talk to me on the phone and I can answer your questions directly. This is something most marketing companies never do.

– Finally I can provide you ACTUAL proof of my clients’ ROI before you sign up, so you can make an educated decision.


That being said, I know EXACTLY why you are here..

If you are actively searching online for different marketing services, chances are that you either own an online business, are thinking of starting one or are employed by a company which is planning to increase its exposure online.

Either way, you think you have a lucrative idea which is worth a decent amount of money online but you just cannot seem to get enough visitors to your website/brand in order to see the sales rolling in.

Sounds familiar?

The truth is: Nearly every webmaster faces this situation.

The problem is that you are not using the right online marketing techniques to maximize your revenues.

The irony of starting a business online is that designing a website or an e-commerce store is by far the easiest part. Marketing your website effectively to ensure sales is usually a nightmare. It is an area where 95% of all webmasters continually fail and lose hope. However, the other “sophisticated” 5% make an absolute killing.

Think about it, if all it took to make money online was to churn up a fancy looking website, we all would be millionaires. Unfortunately, most online marketing courses sell that dream and essentially lie to their customers.

No matter what anyone says, you will never make a sustainable amount of sales unless you promote your brand the right way.

Many of my clients have lost over USD 12,000 per month on pay-per-click marketing and “hyped-up” marketing services because they were taken in by flashy sales letters talking about the “amazing new method” or that “one SEO secret which will make you millions online”.

On this website, however, you can be confident that there is no hype involved.

However, I digress.

The point is, even with the difficulties you faced in marketing your website and after the latest crazy Google Panda 4.0 update, you can still make it big online, if you hire the right marketing company.

In the online world, you need to be good at reverse-engineering Google’s algorithm in order to rank at the top of search engines in order to get attract free traffic. Sure, you can also try pay-per-click ads but my experience tells me that it is virtually impossible to make a good profit by using PPC since each click eats up your margin.

I have spent an average of 5-6 hours each day (including weekends) for the last 24 months reading up and implementing hundreds of marketing techniques and only 2-3 of those have turned out to be effective.

There is a reason why established marketing professionals charge upwards of USD 1000 an hour. It is because not a lot of people have the time or energy to understand the complicated art which is online marketing.

It is also because 95% of the other “marketing experts” have no idea how to get traffic through Google even though they might have a headline saying “Guaranteed top positions or your money back”.

So what EXACTLY am I proposing?

My unique method will get your website ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing – PERIOD.

My method entails procuring only a HANDFUL of homepage backlinks from AUTHORITY websites, all PR 3-7. These are websites which have:

– Wikipedia, DMOZ, Yahoo! Dir, CNN and/or BBC links pointing to them

– A lot of MajesticSEO Trust Flow & Citation Flow

– WhoIS information turned off (to maintain privacy)

– Over 3 years of domain age. Some of them are 13 years old!

Oh, and before I forget, I have spent anywhere between $350-2800 to acquire EACH domain because I know how effective this method is.


 What this means is that 5-12 links from these types of domains WILL most likely get you ranked at the top for many keyword phrases. 

Infact many of my clients are delighted at being ranked number 1 within 2-3 months ABOVE websites like:

– Forbes

– Wikipedia

– CNN and BBC entries

– Huffington Post

Try getting other marketing companies to get you ranked above such authority sites from the get-go, and they will probably bow out quickly.

My method usually translates into permanent ranking increases such as the one shown below, for a new reputation management website which is ranking above within 2 months:



Some important points to note:

Because my unique method has stood the test of time (it has been working really well since the last 3 years) and since I have spent tons to acquire these “assets” which make you rank very well, the service isn’t exactly cheap.

However, most of my clients can recover their investment within months of getting ranked.

Once again, this is a premium service and might not be suitable for everyone but that is EXACTLY what makes it effective!


Want PROOF of rankings and results before you order?

If so, send me an email to requesting ranking reports and I will show you EXACTLY how I can increase your business!


Do you have questions before signing up?

I talk to 2-3 new clients everyday and answering their questions takes around 20 minutes of my time. I would be happy to do the same for you.

If you want to setup an appointment with me, please use the contact form to the right. Once I have your info, I will give you a call shortly.


Homepage Link Building Packages – Read Carefully:

If you already have an idea about what packages to choose, please look below to use our express checkout system. Once the payment has been made, please email your keywords and URLs to

As you might notice, with the larger packages mentioned below, you get steeper discounts.

Google Penguin
& Panda Compliant



24 Homepage Backlinks
PR 3-7 Authority Sites

Google Penguin
& Panda Compliant



32 Homepage Backlinks
PR 3-7 Authority Sites


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